V: Twenty One

I think of this night often, and even though it's just a week later, I think about how sharing light with people is such a wondrous and lovely thing. It can be done with sparklers, it can be done with home cooking, and it can be done with a smile. In any language, you can share light. 

II: Arashiyama 嵐山

to have something so sweet and warm was perfect for the mood I felt everyone, including me, was in: in awe of the history and atmosphere of Arashiyama, happy to be sitting together and cozying up by the heater, having witnessed such vast beauty after hiking the mountain; watching the world go by through the little shop's plastic covering.

I: Haircut

  I landed in this country with my eyes bright and open wide, my heart pounding, my stomach flipping, mind racing and the desire to embrace and be embraced by Japan. The only thing that's changed since then... is my hair is now six inches shorter. My experience here so far - we're about a [...]